Thursday, March 2, 2017

Repairing my beloved NAD 513 CD Changer

Some weeks ago the display of my beloved NAD 513 Cd Changer died.

I already scanned the market for a replacement (which would eventually have resulted in replacing may complete (pretty aged) Audio-Equipment with e.g. (any thoughts on that?)), but then i stumbled upon a hint that only the display backlight might be broken and i got curious.
By pointing a flashlight to the dead display i verified that the display was working well so i unpacked the screwdrivers!

Unfortunately the 513 is engineered in a way that i had to disassemble it completely to reach the broken bulbs. Complete case, Front panel, main circuit board, everything was unmounted.
My prefered supply shop ( had no matching spare part available so i soldered in some LED + Resistor (first real solder job for years).

After assembling everything again (as usual a bunch of screws was left at the end) i fired up the 513 and it worked pretty well.

+ cost: ~1€ for LED + Resistor
+ satisfaction: priceless

- no justification for bying some brand new 5.1 audio equipment

PS: sorry for missing pics, i completely forgot to document my repair job :-(

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